Purpose of the energy association

is the lasting environmental protection as well as the support and the extention of developments is in the areas of regenerative energy, regenerative energy technology, energy conservation as well as the know-how transfer in the area of the regenerative energy in the form of education and qualification.

Aims of the energy association

The municipalities united in the cross-border Action Alliance Čerchov have sat down to the aim to force the development of the regenerative energy technology and the use of regenerative energy resources together and to put the social and ecological potential available in the region in value with lasting effect.
Beside the development of the regenerative energy technology (13 biogas plants, 2 bioenergy villages, biomass heating power plants, biomass heating plant, civil solar systems etc.) the know-how available in the region should be also transmitted and linked with science and technology, so that

  • the companies settled in the region will participate continuously "in the up-to-date" discussion and
  • the inhabitants will be integrated in the development.

Seminars of the energy association

Seminar programme"certified energy farmer" IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Under the sponsorship of the Vocational School Cham and in cooperation with the energy association so-called "energy farmer's courses" were conceived and offered in Waldmünchen at the branch office of the vocational school. First conceived as an introductory course for "regenerative energy technology", the course has developed to a modular extension course programme which since 2007 can be concluded with the all over Germany unique IHK-certified exam to "Energiewirt/in (IHK)".

Further information about the "certified energy farmer" IHK

Supplementary lessons for students at vocational schools

A novelty is also the introduction to the modular training at the vocational school. Trainees of the professional categories

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive mechatronics
  • Systems engineering
  • Sanitary and heating technology

can thereby participate in their professional training at the free seminar and acquire the certificate. This will improve the job prospects of participants significantly.

Further information about the supplementary lessons for students at vocational school

High education standard by partner interlinking

A multitude of regional companies (seminar modules at the plants) and protagonists are integrated in the energy farmer seminars. The interlinking with advanced technical colleges and the Science Centre Straubing increases the quality of education. By the connection of company and college a lasting education quality can be achieved.
Since the IHK certification more than 200 graduates have attended the seminar programme "energy farmer" (approx. one third students at vocational schools).